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Patrick Jean Baptiste was born on the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe and his dream was to work and have success in the international show business. On Guadeloupe he sang in several choirs and it was here where he started his first band. After finishing high school he stared to work in Paris for Air France.
In Paris he started his new group , called BLACK UNDERGROUND . In the beginning he covered songs from other artists and he had a lot of success with these songs!
Manager Daniel Vangarde joined one of the show and he was so enthusiastic that he immediately made a contract with the group for the BLACK SUGAR CLUB. in Paris.
After this show the group became a record deal, but they had the change their name.
From then the group was called OTTAWAN.
The successful compser Klüger/Vangarde wrote several songs and the first record became a huge hit !
Two months after this meeting Patrick was a Disco Star and his dream became true ! Many TV shows and "live " shows in discotheques all over Europe, became part of Patricks life.
At the moment Patrick and his female partner on stage are still on the road with all theirs hits in their bag.
The group is extremly popular in Russia!