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Bad Boys Blue
"They never come back" -- this is what is quite often said about former stars in the world of sports or show business.
But Bad Boys Blue are the exception to the rule! Since 1985, the trio from Cologne has been nearly constantly present in the European charts, and they succeeded in entering the charts in the US as well!
It was back then, when ... Actually it all started fifteen years ago, when You're a Woman hit the top of the charts all over Europe. People who thought it would be just a flash in the pan phenomenon were quickly shown the opposite. Smash hits such as A World Without You, Lovers in the Sand, L.O.V.E. in My Car, Lady in Black, Pretty Young Girl and Come Back and Stay followed and filled the disco dance floors.
When in 1986, Bad Boys Blue released their first album Hot Girls - Bad Boys, the official promotion biography cited rather surprised: "With their debut album Bad Boys Blue have realized a complete musical concept with outstanding and original dance hits. With their grooving dance music, Bad Boys Blue have particularly hit the nerve of the younger audience." All of these "original dance hits" achieved success worldwide: all in all, Bad Boys Blue celebrated 16 chart hits in Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe and the US. And in the year 2000, too, more than one decade later, Bad Boys Blue are still very active and "hit the nerve of the younger audience", without loosing the contact with their older, loyal fans.
Two years ago, Bad Boys Blue made an incredible European-wide comeback with their new version of You're a Woman. Not only "mega mix" hit singles followed, but re-mixes of the albums Back ... Continued and Follow the Light, as well. These albums stormed up the charts and received international acclaim along with those elusive precious metal awards. And now, the new album Tonite will persuade ever more listeners with 14 dance tracks, which are all spiffed up with the "2000 and further" sound garb. Stormy times for the charts -- Bad Boys Blue launch yet another new attack ...
Andrew was born in San Francisco. He studied music in Pasadena, specialized in Jazz, Blues and Swing and left college with an "Associated Arts Degree". After that, he did his masters degree in psychology. In 1976, Andrew came to Cologne, studied German at Cologne's university, sang in two bands (Jazz-Blues and Cologne-Funk), and worked as a DJ.
John is from Liverpool. At the age of seven he had his first TV-appearance, when he performed the Beatles classic She Loves You. At the age of 23, the trained stock broker came to Germany and, together with Andrew, founded Bad Boys Blue. John loves Italian food and he enjoys life in Cologne.
The third "bad blue boy" is Kevin McCoy, who was born in Virginia. His first contacts with music had more to do with the classical side than with pop music. But even then, he just "had" to enrich his piano playing with vocal accompaniment. Kevin is a dedicated football and basketball crack -- he has been doing both sports actively for more than 14 years now! And it is with lots of pride that he looks back onto his two-year-engagement at New York's renowned "Apollo Theater" in the stage-show "Stars of Tomorrow". Together with his wife Nikky Shelton he started the project "Hydra", for which they received a lot of recognition and acclaim, before he joined John and Andrew in Bad Boys Blue in 1999.