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Demis Roussos In Athens in the Mid-Sixties, tourism was starting to flourish, which in turn supported the numerous bands around that city, who played mostly cover-versions of big hits from the west, especially from England and the United States. Demis played in many of those bands, both as a trumpet player and a bass player. It was not until Demis performed with the group "WE FIVE" that he was able to show his abilities as a singer to the public. The group's leadsinger decided to introduce a break into his performance and thus allowed Demis to sing lead on the Animals-hit "House of the rising sun", "When a man loves a woman" and "Black is Black" at the group's show. While performing in the big hotels in Athens such as the Hilton, Demis met many fellow musicians, including Vangelis Papathanassiou, the leader of the group FORMINX with whom Demis got along very well. Together with Agyrilos Koulouris and Loukas Sideras they founded a group, APHRODITE'S CHILD which was to become world famous.

APHRODITE"S CHILD was lucky to get "Rain and Tears" recorded when they did; the May riots in Paris in 1968 had brought the French economy to a virtual standstill. The single was an instant hit throughout Europe, and the group's first LP. Things came to an end while recording the album "666" and as a result, Demis and Loukas both went seperate ways as of 1971. Vangelis, meanwhile, put the finishing touch on Aphrodite's Child last LP.

Demis first solo album, "On the Greek side of my mind" was released in November 1971. His third dingle "My reason" became a worldwide hit in the summer of 1972. Consequently, a second solo LP was recorded and released in April 1973, preceded by the single "Forever and Ever" which became a classic, selling more than 12 million copies to date. On his LP "Forever and ever" there were no less than six hit singles, including "Goodbye my love goodbye", "Velvet Mornings", "Lovely Lady of Arcadia", "My friend the wind" and "My reason".

So in 1973 Demis was "Top of the bill" in Europe, Latin America and Canada and he gave concerts all over the world. Demis owed his popularity mainly to his live performances, which earned him an unbelievable number of fans. Especially Germany, where Demis became in the meanwhile a star with hits like "Goodbye my love goodbye", "Schones Madchen aus Arcadia", "Kyrila" and "Auf wiedersehen". France has always been a second home for Demis, and in an artistic sense, it was his first. So it stands to reason that he recorded a French LP in 1977. "Amour" became one of his biggest hits forever.

1979 was the year for a united Europe. Demis album "Universum" was released that year in no less than four languages: French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Demis was particularly succesful with the album in Italy and France.

David Mackay was engaged as the producer for Demis' album " Man of the world" in 1980 which resulted in a big hi, "Lost in Love" a duet with Florence Warner. In 1982 Demis surprised everybody with "attitudes" perhaps the best album he has ever recorded. Attitudes included the songs "Follow me" and "House of the rising sun".

On july 14th 1985 Demis flew from Athens to Rome with his new girlfriend Pamela, as their plane was hijacked and Demis was kept prisoner in Beirout for seven days. For Demis the only way to get over this rather traumatic experience was to make music again. In Holland he recorded the single "Island of Love" which can be considered a comeback in the spring of 1986.
1993 is an important year because we celebrate 25 years of Demis Roussos. Demis is still touring all over the world. Concerts in Moscow, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro and Dubai are part of his life.