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GAZEBO whose real name is Paul Mazzolini was born in Beirut on February the 18th 1960. He was brought up traveling around the world with his parents, gathering from different cultures. His father, Francesco, an old fashion Italian Diplomat taught GAZEBO five of the eight languages he speaks. His mother, Sonia was a singer and gave him her genetic talent for music. GAZEBO settled down in Italy in 1975, graduated three years later and went to London where he worked with various bands and decided to make music for a living. Back in Rome in 1981 he met a DJ who decided to produce a song written with an old friend of both: Pierluigi Giombini. The song was "MASTERPIECE" and the 12 inch version became a big hit in the European dance scene.In 1983 GAZEBO signed with Baby Records and released his first album called "GAZEBO", it included a song that was going to be a smash hit worldwide selling more than Eight million singles; the song was called "I LIKE CHOPIN". It reached No. 1 position on the charts in many countries including: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and in the top ten in many others including the UK. The second album "TELEPHONE MAMA" was released in 1984 and, though the style of the songs was dramatically different from the first album, it was a best seller in most of the territories were it was released. In 1985 GAZEBO joins the army and this pause forces him to rebuild his career on a different and stronger basis, not willing to depend on the moods of the commercial chart markets; he creates his own company. In the meantime GAZEBO released another three albums "UNIVISION", "RAINBOW TALES" and "SWEET LIFE", the latter was the first entirely written, produced and engineered Poduction by GAZEBO. This album includes a special version of a song he had co - written for Ryan Paris that became at the time a smash hit worldwide: "DOLCE VITA". 1992 he releases "SCENES FROM THE NEWS BROADCAST". Although the structure is young the record gathers a positive reaction on the market and within the critics. But the tough work has just began. GAZEBO has just finished working on a project called "PORTRAIT" and "VIEWPOINT", a double CD which will involve all the best of his material including two brand new versions of "MASTERPIECE" and "I LIKE CHOPIN" remixed by top deejays.