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Ronan Keating

'I don't think I'm good-looking; in fact I think my nose is disgusting.'

So in short, here is the story. Ro is the youngest of the family, was always called 'little Ro'. When he was young he moved from Dublin to a small town; Dunshaughlin. A lot of the other boys at school didn't like him because he was from Dublin and many times he got beat up. As a child, he would help his father deliver goods to stores and got along well with a shopkeeper's daughter; Yvonne Connoly.

Ronan did not like school very much, that is why he dropped out when he was 16 to join the band. Ronan had his first kiss when he was 13, nobody knows who the lucky girl is. Ronan tried to join the choir in school, but was not accepted because the teacher thought he was a lousy singer (amazing..).

Ronan joined a few bands before boyzone, mainly rock band who idolized Nirvana but that didn't last long.

Ronan beat 300 applicants to join boyzone and it was rather strange that he sang 'Father and Son' for his audition. Louis was so impressed that he knew that the song would be a future release for the boyz. In the first TV appearance the boyz were pathetic. They had no routine and they weren't' even good friends.

Ronan wasn't always the undisputed front man. When their first single came out 'Working my way back to you', it was Stephen and Mikey who took the lead vocals. But his break came with 'Love me for a reason' and that is all it took to establish him as the lead vocalist of boyzone. This song hit #2 in the charts and soon to follow were 'Key to My Life' and 'A different Beat' which proved that the boyz did not need cover songs to establish their creditability. Boyzone 1st #1 of course was "Words".

Ronan had become a sex symbol. He was singled out by girls young and old as being the boy with the best haircut, best dressed and best male. But everyone knows that it was his singing. Ronan had become the leader of boyzone. Ronan was called 'Ronan the virgin'. The sweet innocent boy admitted to the press that he was a virgin and he quoted
'A one night stand isn't something that interest me. I respect sex and it should be saved for marriage.'.

Ronan started his songwriting career and venture with new singles that rose to the top of the chart. That is how he picked up an Ivor Novello award for co-writing 'Picture of you' for the Mr. Bean movie.

Ronan was becoming an icon but his mother was suffering from breast cancer and eventually passed away. Boyzone was at the top of the charts with 'All that I need' when the news broke. Ronan was hearth broken and suffered a nervous breakdown.

It was after that, that Ronan got married to Yvonne, the shopkeeper's daughter, after a short romance. The pair had met up again and were best of friends for about a year. But Ronan loved Yvonne and he had to decide '
I either had to tell her I loved her or walk away and never see her again'. Lucky girl..

Ronan now is pursuing his solo career and Louis Walsh is standing behind him all the way. Louis says 'Ronan will be King". Let's just hope that it does not go to his head.....