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Krayzee - the EMINEM from Europe- was born 1965 in the USA and a star was there !
AGENT "K" - aka- KRAYZEE the entertainer grew up mostly on the eastcost , in VA, and Wash. DC. His father was in the US Army . So Krayzee traveled a lot.The only thing that stayed the same was the music on the radio , so " I sang all the songs".
His father was stationed in Würzburg for 2 years. " As a boy in Würzburg, i learned German"
After Highschool he went to University for a year the joined the Army himself. from there he came to Europe the 2nd time and here every since.
KRAYZEE has vast training in dance, Rap and Singing with various artists ,like Dieter Bohlen, Jürgen Drews, Londonbeat, DJ the Crow , CC Catch and Touche´.Whenever someone needed to hype up thier songs : KRAYZEE was called. " He puts the HipHop in ours Pop songs" from CC Catch.
His hits inculde YMCA, Megamix , Come around and feel me , I got no time, Jump and Let you go. Although at home in the studio KRAYZEE is the best know for his live performances. Whether MC´s in at a club or stadium of 250.000 people, KRAYZEE will rock the house!
At the present time KRAYZEE performing with his own Crew and MC´ing at parties around Germany, Spain and Belgium and he touring with CC Catch.

Along with LACE " Ring Ring" also known inthe Hamburg Partyscene as MC Lace is simply " the Ladys Man"
Sweet D the soulful voice known all over Northern Germany from CD´s , after show parties to Lead singer in many bands. The two teamed up with Krayzee to form the MC TRIO DOUBLETYME.
With a new single " Doesn´t mean a thing" Doubletyme are ready for any situation.
" Between us we have 20 yrs. experience, you can´t beat that!"
Get ready of 10 tons of power on stage