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Summer 2003

Enjoy Music Management presents:

Bad Boys Blue
June 19.- 22.2003 - Ulaanbaatar Concert Hall/ Mongolia

coming soon:

Concert hall Ulaan Bataar / Mongolia

Europe Dance Festival
Olympia Stadion Ulaan Bataar / Mongolia

Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue on stage 1 Concert hall Ulaanbataar, June 20/ 2003 more than 3000 people make a big party together with Bad Boys Blue.The group presents one of her new song from the comeing soon album. This single will be released on July 07 / 2003 in Germany.

BBB crew The Boys Crew in Mongolia June 19th - 22th 2003

BBB After the show in the Ulaanbataar Concert hall together with the promoter. June 22th 2003

BBB Backstage with mongolian dancer and crew members after the show . June 22th 2003

Mongolian press Bad Boys Blue come to the press conference in Ulaanbataar June 20th 2003. On this way we will say Thank you to everybody who was involved in the preperation of the shows in Ulaanbataar / Mongolia June 19th - 22th / 2003.The Mongolian audience was absolut fantastic !!! Thank you so much !